Travel is the act of moving from one place to another, usually a long distance. Traveling is interesting, necessary and useful. we travel to explore and learn. Some people travel for different reasons, for business, jobs, relocation and for vacation to have fun.

Recently, people find it difficult to travel because of expenses. but one can save for traveling but it is hard work.

It is possible to travel, have fun and live out your bucket list dreams on a budget, but you need to give up some luxuries, be creative and humble.

How To Travel On a Budget:

Travel off season

This is one of the best tips for traveling on a budget. Flights and hotels are always cheaper and less crowded during the off season. The weather during the off season is usually not the best but you should be fine as long as you don’t mind a little winter. Peak season usually have the best weather but everything is expensive and crowded.

Travel Light











Do not pack unnecessary luggage, just get what you need so you don’t pay for excess weight. Packing light helps you to move to the airport and your destination with ease. You don’t have to wait on a cue to get your luggage when you travel light.

Cook Your Food

Eating out is always more expensive than cooking your own food, cooking your own food helps you save lots of money. Buy your produce from a local supermarket and make your own food. You can cook your own food when you are staying in an accommodation with a kitchen. That’s why I will recommend you search for low price apartment with kitchen.

Do Your Research

Do not be in a rush when planning your trip but take a moment to research and read some helpful blogs.

Try to have a basic understanding of the country’s culture, weather, food, currency rate. It is also important to do a research on flights and hotels.

Find Free Art Galleries and Museums 

The best way to travel on a budget is by visiting the free tourist places in the city and saving your money. Most beaches, parks, museums, art galleries are free around the world. Some countries like Australia, United States, China, Portugal, Spain, London etc  are full of free Museums and art gallery that are free to the public.

Use Public Transport

Public transportation is not expensive, its the best way to move around the cities. It is much cheaper to move around in the buses, trains and trams. Public transportation can save you money, but it often requires committing to certain changes in your lifestyle. Because someone that owns a car in his or her country will find it difficult to use a public transportation in another country.

Find Cheap Flights

The best way to save money on flight is to search and book flight on weekdays, also you have to be flexible with dates because that will give you the chance to select the cheapest dates. You can sign up to airline newsletters to get news on discounts. Airlines also get into black Friday actions, so you can get cheap flights on black Fridays.


Consider location when choosing accommodation, stay close to public transports, train stations, airports, restaurants, parks, grocery stores.  Hotels and Apartments during off peak seasons are not expensive, so travelling off season will help you get cheap accommodation and avoid crowds. Staying in apartments helps you cook your own food and save money.

Visit Affordable Countries

This is the greatest tips to traveling on a budget. If you want save money and have fun on your trip, then you to visit cheap countries. The cheapest countries can be found in Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Don’t Exchange money at the Airport

Currency exchange at the airport rips you off, the commission is high and rates are not good. Find a local bank to change your money, you can also withdraw from ATM machine using your card.