If you want to be granted a visa to any country you must play according to the rules.

That you don’t know the rules is not even an excuse and that is why we want to give you enough information to help you achieve your goals.

Some countries now check your social media handle as part of what qualifies you to be given a visa.

So even though it is your profile and you have control over it, use that control in a way that will benefit you.

Check things like;

1. The name you use on social media should match the name on your Passport
Don’t use Horluwatosin when Oluwatosin is in your passport.

2. Don’t allow people to tag you to all kinds of things that paint you in a bad light.

3. Before you share that hot post make sure you verify it first.

4. Show that you respect the laws of the platform and your country in your post.

Don’t post how you can give people an American number from Nigeria for example or any other fraudulent posts.

5. Don’t use profile pictures that suggest you are not a responsible citizen of your country and don’t leave your profile without a picture.

Don’t post pictures where you are not well dressed and holding a cigarette or beer either.

Lastly, don’t leave your profile empty, post things that align with your beliefs, and paint you as a good citizen.

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