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  • Safety tips for flying while pregnant

     Pregnancy is simply a natural biological process which lasts 9 to 10 months. For most women, flying during pregnancy is perfectly fine. The ideal time to travel is between 14 to 28 weeks. During these weeks, your energy has returned, morning sickness is improved or [...]

  • Why We Travel

    Travel is as old as mankind, the man at the beginning of his existence roamed about the surface of the earth in search of food, shelter, security and a better habitat. However, in course of time, such movements were transformed into wanderlust.The development of rails, [...]

  • 10 Ways To See The World On a Budget

    Travel is the act of moving from one place to another, usually a long distance. Traveling is interesting, necessary and useful. we travel to explore and learn. Some people travel for different reasons, for business, jobs, relocation and for vacation to have fun. Recently, people [...]

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